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Sunday, July 13

I went to a party last night!

I went to the DSO Party and I had a blast. Those girls really know how to entertain everyone. They were giving out prizes like you would never believe. I came home with my puter full of some wonderful great things. I just couldn't but help myself to offer Luv's to them they worked so hard with the gifts. I want to thank each and everyone of them.

Thank-you Girls
I would like to invite you to go and check out
their blogs. Today is the
last day. You will
not be disappointed. Lots of talent their.
Do me a favor be sure
to leave some

1 comment:

  1. Their creations are beautiful, Sis! I collected each & every one & was careful to leave some lovin' along the way (I think that's the least we can do for such treasures)! Glad you had fun!
    Luv ya!


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