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Sunday, August 17

Camping for a couple of weeks:

We came to the campground on Friday afternoon and by the time that we got the 5th wheel out of storage and on site it was hotter than a pistol. We did finely get settled in just fine. Our oldest son came out with our DGS I didn't know that he was coming and we had no movies or his special foods that he only likes....That Child just doesn't know what to do with himself with out movies to watch and let me note that we didn't have the TV set up. I did have a jewelry box and I let him play with that and a hug bowl and ice from our Ice maker. He had a little man and he went swimming in ice water....he was quite and busy. They spend the night and we had so much fun and today they left.

We were invited to a fish fry supper and it was great. We were all most ready to go home and Hubie spotted smoke that is not good with RV's. It was coming around were our rig was it was the Motor home next to us and then it started to in gulped with flames and I called security for the fire department. Hubie had the hose out so he went to the top and doused the frig that is what started the fire. He had it pretty much out by the time the fire truck came. "O" I forgot to say the owners were not home so we couldn't get in. The owner had a close friend that was camping behind him and he came over and took out the window and by then the fire trucks were here. The Captain was so nice that he didn't want to do any more damage then what was already done. That is a miracle because they almost always just get the ax out with the saw and bust it all up just to make sure that it is out. Fire is out and everyone went home and the owner came I’m sure that he is just heartbroken this is his home. It could have been worse and we are blessed that Hubie was at the right place at the right time.

So now it is time for bed for another day tomorrow…


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