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Sunday, August 24

My version of quilling !

Well I took a picture of what I wanted to make and here is my version. I'm not the best quiller but I have fun messing around with it. I don't think that I did to bad at it. I have only been messing around with it for a short time now....I know that the more that I do the better I will get. I truly hope that you will like it. I must have to say that a picture doesn't show justest then the real thing.


I might add that this is really small the whole piece is only 4 x 4" small.


  1. I so, so SO love your quill creation!! I love quilling, but, am very new to it. I don't have a camera to upload the ones, I have done, and it burns me cause, most have come out much better than I hoped for. I do want to sell some of my items online, but, have to wait for that camera. (ughs)
    Looking forward to seeking more of your work. Right now, I am searching for ideas for a wedding invitation border with frame. I've done one, it was the intricate quill I have done to date. But, alas, no pics. I might just use the same one, but, still just searching around. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU. Kat~~~~~~~~ SMILE
    PS: LOL, I almost made my name
    KatzEyeDesignz. Just didn't want to have to type all that LOL.

  2. Hope I will like it? You betcha I like it - you done good gf! I love it. And it is so tiny in size which just makes it even more impressive. The few times I have tried quilling I must admit I was pretty happy with my results... but compared to your creation, mine was quite simple - like one flower only, no extras, no leaves.

  3. Oh, Sis, that is DARLING!! I like how you did the pink instead of the "inspiration" white. It has a life of its own.
    Great work & TFS!


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