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Tuesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all

I would like to bless everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We are going to my Brothers house with his family and I'm looking so forward to it. Thanksgiving is very big with us cause we have so much to be thankful for. Every year I love to look back and reflect what has happen and to learn to rejoice in our misshapenness only cause that will cause us to grow stronger. How many of us really remember the really great times in that year? Yes, it is hard for me as well cause I really would like to remember the ugly part of life that we have. Now that I'm older I have learned that every moment is a blessing good or bad, ugly, sad, happy or wonderful.

I would like to take time in the year and say that I’m very blessed to have our Lord and Savior to guide my life, which will be the fulfillment of me life. I pray that this Thanksgiving will be a turning point for your life and that you will be fulfilled with all that life have to bless you with….

Be blessed in a mighty way !

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  1. Hi Kat..

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays so far, I'm just getting motivated to get back into crafting. I have missed all of you and just being able to share. But I'll come here and continue to get motivated by your creations lol.

    Hugz Lorie


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