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Sunday, January 18

O.K. I just have to know

How do you type out a name and have a link attached to it? I see everyone doing it but for the darnest I can not figure it out so I though maybe my blogger friends would know.......Can anyone help me learn how to do it.

Thanks for your help.....


  1. ~ I'll try to explain ~
    When you're in your editor you type the name then you highlight the word
    Usually I type the word then I left click, hold and drag it over the word. Then up in your tool bar of your post window you'll see a little chain link Click on that and enter the URL that you want to link to. That should do it. E mail me at conradcreations@gmail.com if you need more help. I can do screenshots for you.
    ((Hugs)) Mechelle

  2. When you are typing your post, highlight the name or wor you want to add a link to. Then go up to your tool bar, to the right of the text color button is the link button. click on it and choose what type of link you are adding and add your link... hth

  3. Hey gf - maybe this will help.
    When you write a NEW POST in "edit html" there are a few icons at the top of the box where you write your post. There is B (bold) i (italic) and the next one is a world with a chain link - that is the one you need. So, here's what ya do: write your name/word whatever, HIGHLIGHT it and then click on that world/link icon, a new window should pop up, you put the web address you want linked and then click OK.

    Then go back to writing your post. Let me know if this helps enough - I can send you some screen prints if you want.


  4. Here's what ya do, Sis:

    1.Copy the link that you want to use
    2.In your post, highlight the Name that you want to make "clickable"
    3.At the top of the posting box, you'll see what looks like a "staple" icon not too far away from your pic & video icons - click it & paste the web addy in the box that pops up
    4.Click OK & you're done!

    Don't feel bad, I had to break down a couple months ago & ask this question myself.
    Need any more help just holler!
    Love ya!

  5. Hey Sis! I'd be happy to help you out here.
    Here's how to do it in your post....
    1. Type the name you want to link.
    2. Highlight the link with your mouse.
    3. Go to the link looking symbol above the box......click on it & a new little window will open where you put in their web addy.
    Easy peasy!
    Let me know if you need more help.


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