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Sunday, February 8

If you like to collect the Copic Marker this is for you.

I went over to Gina K.'s blot and she has a Copic Club Sign-up for you. Here is a bit of it and you can go HERE to get the rest of the information...

Copic Club Sign-up
The time has finally come for us to open up the next round of our Copic Club! This time, based on popular request, we are giving you a couple of different choices.
The first choice is our Ciao club. This is the same as the past clubs we've offered. When you sign up, you will choose a set, either A, B, C or D. (If you've already been a collector, you can see which boxes you already have because the letter will be printed on the box label.)

I would love to join in on the fun but funds are really tight. Have fun everyone...


  1. I subscribe to her blog & signed up the other day! Thanks for getting the word out sis!

  2. I appreciate the info.



    P.S. Blog candy over at my blog! You better hurry.


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