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Friday, March 27

Hi everyone;

For some of you that have been popping in and not seeing any changes or post it is because I have been on Jury Duty.

Jury Duty can really tests your patience and, I really mean test your patience I have never spend so much time just sitting around and doing nothing for as long as I did, a day became two days , and think goodness the Jury was set. Boy "O" Boy I'm so glad that it did because, I'm not the time of person to just sit around and do nothing. As time went on it wasn't so bad and I really enjoy being a Juror and I look forward to doing it again. Although, I am so exhausted mentally and physically that I'm so glad that it is all over with, being a Juror was a lot harder then I ever dreamed of.

My 1st DGS wanted to spend a couple of days with me this week but as you all know I was so very busy. (?) LOL I talked with him last night and I said that if we wrap this up today then I will be by to pick him up, and that is just want I did. He is the apple of my eye and he brings me great joy and happiness when he is around. Tomorrow he will go home and then I will pick him up next week for a few more days.

Something tells me that again for another week I will not be getting some crafts out to share.
:( Having that said I will have some time to to go and see what everyone else has been up too.......


  1. Hey Sis! Glad to hear that you did your "duty" & it's over now & you may have some time to craft soon! Happy that you're getting to spend time with your dgs.....that's wonderful!
    Huggies ~

  2. Hi Kath,

    Happy to hear that your jury duty is behind you and you were able to spend some fun time with your dgs.

    Have a fun week....hugs,


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