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Wednesday, June 10

I finely got this done!

This Journal was really fun to make this is what I love to do Alter books, now if I can just sell them? Anyway I just wanted to post so you all can see. Please let me know what you think about it.


  1. Hey Sis,
    That is a very cute Journal!! I love doing journals, I've been doing some vintage ones and it's so fun to create the different designs.Thanks for sharing yours.

    hugz Lorie

  2. Oh wow~ This is really gorgeous! Love the colors and design.
    Beautiful job on it!
    ((Hugs)) Mechelle

  3. Hi Kath, I just love this, all that fantastic detail.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Enfys x

  4. wow, talk about pretty!! I'm sure these will sell NO problem! ;)

  5. Beautiful Kathe ...Checked out your Etsy store and it looks fabulous ...the journals you listed are just gorgeous.


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