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Saturday, June 20

Mercy Me what is the matter with me!!!!

I would like to thank Magoo for the wonderful background that she made for my blog. Doesn't look nice! It is just wonderful and I love it so much....Thank you again. ~~♥~

What do all of you think about it?


  1. Well I told you I love it even before I knew Magoo did it!! Isn't she the best and isn't she talented!! Did she do your header too? I just love that girl!

  2. I think Magoo did a wonderful job on your background. It really looks pretty. And tonight is the first time in a while I did not get the abort operation when I logged onto your blog. YEAH!

  3. Very nice background! I love changing my background ... I love making my own too.

  4. Ooh it's gorgeous, lovely colour, some people are far too clever!!

    Jan xx

  5. Wow.. Magoo did a great job! Your blog looks great!

  6. Me likes! Magoo did a FABULOUS job hanging wallpaper in your living room! *ROFL* It suits you.

  7. I love the background. It is so you. It has a wonderful vintage feel.


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