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Tuesday, August 11

Good Afternoon !

everyone, what a lovely day it is. We are having really good weather this summer so far, it has only been in the mid 90's and that is very good. Most of the time we are in the low hundreds to mid and that is hot. I know that it could get hotter and has in other places(I'm thinking about you Charlene knowing it is 110 to 115 in Arizona.Smiley from millan.net) LOL LOL

I want to Thank Brenda for nominating me Smiley from millan.netwith The Beautiful Blog Award how lovely of her to think of me. Thank you again Brenda your so sweet, please hop on over to her blog Brenda's Joy she has some cute crafts over there to share with you all.♥
I will pass this down to some of my top 10 blog friends, now I can only pick 10 so if you happen to stop by then you can snag it for your blog. Love you all so here we go!

Nora~Handmade & Heavenly by Nora
I love going over to her blog just to get inspired either by her or by other blogger the she has saved in her blog list.
Charlene~Scrappygmaplace I just love to see what she does with her cards for all of the Challenges that she signs up for. Charlene you made the most beautiful cards....
Dixie~L D LimitedDixie comes up with some very unusual gifts very and she does them up very nicely.
Andrea~The Paper PurseI love her creations that she comes up with, and she is so funny when you read her post.
Sharron~Sharrahug's Sweet Blessings Sharron has a very beautiful blog to go and visit, I love to just look around.
Deb~Deb's Doodles n'Things
Deb is a busy person but I love to look around on her blog.
Cyndi~I'm A YaYa!I love to read about her family and her blog is shaping up really nicely.
Lisa~Happy Happy EverythingI love to keep in touch with my Hugsisters.
Joy~Encouragement From my HeartIf you are down or your depressed you must go to visit her blog. Rest assure you will now walk away from her blog feeling the same way you popped in, and the music is a Joy to hear.

So, their you have it! I lost my blog awhile back so it is going to take me some time to find all of my blogger friends.

I have had so much fun with my blog and meeting so many wonderful blogger's, what a wonderful discovery this has been for me. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIPS!

Brenda gave me this award and I didn't get to post who receives it, so everyone on the top you get this one as well......LOL ♥

Have a wonderful rest of your day or night and I will see U later♥ Smiley from millan.net


  1. Awww Thanks Sis..
    For thinking of me!!! Ypou are a beautiful blogger and sistah!!!

    Hugz Lorie

  2. You are such a sweetie, Sis! Thanks a bunch & Congrats on the award.....couldn't go to a nicer or more giving person.
    I luv ya ~

  3. Thanks bunches my friend you are so sweet, and you know the weather has been being pretty good to us as well this past week we shall see how long it continues. Thanks for thinking of my !
    Big hugs to ya


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