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Friday, September 4

Guess What I have to do the drawing tonight!!! ♥

This will be my last card for the week, I have made a card using each kid from the stamp set that I'm offering up, and I think that they turned out pretty good even if I have to say so for myself!

The good news is that I get to do the drawing to night because I found out that I will be camping this weekend....(surprise). I will not be back until Tuesday and I feel that it will be worse to wait until then to perform the drawing then to do it now. I feel it would be so much better to have it a surprise for you now then for you to thank that I disappear from the face of the earth and forget all of the wonderful girls that have been leaving comments....

I went to Ramdom.org and it came up with # 13 and that would be beadz.. I made sure that she met all of the requirements that needed to be fulfilled.

Thank you ALL for taking the time to stop by and look around on my blog and do what you had to do to try to win the stamp set...You all have been really lovely to see your comments and your opinions.

Hugs to U all and see U when I get back..♥


  1. Have fun camping. congrats to the winner.

  2. Kat, each card just out does the last. I love them all.Enjoy the get away.

  3. What a really sweet card hun!! :) Hope you have lots of fun camping!! HUGS

  4. Yay! I'm so excited - just now made it to your blog and saw that I won. Hope you have a great time camping! Hugs! Gini


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