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Sunday, October 25

Maybe; some of you might be wondering what have I been doing?

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BASEBALL Smiley from millan.net Oh, yes the DGS is in baseball, his parents and I have been busy trying to keep up with the little guy. Me being a parent of two boys I know just what it takes to keep up with our little guys or gals. I have been having so much fun taking pictures of the kids and they make me just laugh as they scramble for a ball that could make a game or cost them a game. Some of them take the game at heart and other would like to try and throw dirt, in any case at the end they had fun. So now that I have some pic's will I just have to make up some little albums for them. I have two weeks left to make them up and get them to the parents. So I better get on the ball and start working on them.

So if you don't see me U will know what I'm doing!

Until next time thank you for stopping by to say Hi and checking out my blog. May you be Blessed in everything that you do♥ Happy Crafting♥


  1. Kathe that is so sweet of you to make these little keepsakes for the parents of the kiddos ! You are so sweet and thoughtful !

  2. What a wonderful gift for them to receive.

  3. Enjoy the little ones and Im sure they will love having a reminder album of all the fun they had. :)

  4. Baseball!? Woo-hoo! Go team go!

    What a great gift gf. Hugs.

  5. OH how sweet is that!! Kathe that sounds like a really great idea hun!! I hope you have fun with that!! TFS! HUGS


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