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Tuesday, November 3

Working on the Baseball Albums!

Just click on the pick to enlarge!

Here are the little albums that have been consuming all of my time. Now I must say that I have really never used my circut, ok just some little things here and there nothing really big like this.
So this really was a test on how to use SCAL & yup THAT Inkscape! I had to do a lot of praying over this one asking for patience on a program. LOL So I'm pretty proud of myself on putting it all together and using my circut to do most of all of the work. And am I ever so glad that I had it because it would of been a lot of cutting by hand. Inkscape wasn't as bad as I though! So I'm ready to move on learning more in Inkscape♥

I'm only showing a couple of pages because I don't think that the parents would like me showing off there kids in such a broad community like blogland! So for there privacy I wanted to block out there numbers and there faces. So, no your not seeing dots all over the picture, I put them there.

I do have a huge question should I put ribbons on the spine of the books? I was thinking that most of the Baseball players are boys not to sure how they would feel about ribbons on there book!

So what do you all think?
I have to have them done by Saturday so I could use your help.

Anyway, thank you so much for looking and hope to see U all later♥

I forgot to mention that the book is made up from old CD's, I just covered them!


  1. Great job on you books Kat ! I would not put ribbon on them....you are right they are for the boys for the most part.

  2. Now that is such a clever idea!! I love your fun circle shaped book!!! I need to do one of these!! :) HUGS

  3. I love recycling. Your book is great. Maybe instead of ribbon you could use scraps of rough edged material. Are you able to cut right from Inkscape?

  4. Those are turning out so stinkin cute! Great job, GF!

  5. ohhhh I love how you did yours! I didn't put ribbon on the one I did for the boys!


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