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Tuesday, March 30

For the little Peeps in our life I have been making up some Easter cards and this one will go to Dylan....
The clip-art from PC Crafters artist Shelly Comiskey Celebrate All Year

Stamp from TAC that has been discontinued called our Savior. I hope one day they will bring this set back because it is a good one.

This stamp is from the same set and I used Mulberry paper to give it a really different look.

Stamp set from TAC called Easter Chicks #T-3247 set of 7 stamps for $10.95 just follow the link to be able to get your own set!

This is a start to come for many more cards that I have to hurry up and get done before I run out of time...I work on these cards late at night just to get ahead and I still have so many more to go.....Yikes I hope I don't run out of time?
Anyway, enjoy your day and God Bless to you all♥


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  2. I love all of these cards!!! Beautiful!


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