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Monday, August 16

I have something to share with ya!

I came across this from PCCrafters and I thought it was good to share with you all.

If you have kids this would be really fun for them I think, just think you could print on magnetic sheets or Velcro so they could have fun mixing them up a bit.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

FREEBIE- Build Your Own Cupcake!

DSC01368 Hello!! Ok... so I have a new freebie to share with everyone, and I hope you and your kiddos/nieces/nephews/grandkids.. etc etc. have tons of fun with this little project. The cutting does take a little bit of time, but if your little ones are anything like mine, they're excitement will be well worth it.


If you own a set of kids scissors, and your child has a little experience with cutting they should be able to cut most of the elements out, but I definitely encourage adult supervision... The cake toppers are a little more intricate and require a little more cutting skill. :)

DSC01390 copy DSC01374 copy

I really had fun putting this together, and was inspired by a couple of sticker books my mom bought the girls for church. Which reminds me, if you have sticker paper, you could always print these out on that. Otherwise a glue stick works just fine. :)

DSC01359 copy There are 10 pages total consisting of: cover page, the recipe, 8 different cupcakes, 8 different liners, 8 different frostings, 11 different cupcake toppers, and a sheet of name tags for your little baker(s). :)

Pages Recipe One of the best thing about these cupcakes is they are very light in calories. Light a sweet smelling candle, and invite the neighbor kids over! :) They would also work well for a picnic outside... no need to worry about ants. Oh- and didnt you know that tea parties are MUCH better with cupcakes? Yep, thats what I think. Journey got a new tea set for her birthday from her grandma and aunties... I'm thinking this will be a nice rainy day project... and I am envisioning a cute little photo opportunity. If you've taken pictures of the cupcakes in action I would love to see them! Maybe you guys can post links here in the comments section? :) Thanks a bunch!! Happy baking :)

Okey doke! You can download the pdf file HERE


  1. what a cute idea for kids. heck I think I want to do it. Thanks for sharing this cute craft :)

  2. Cute, and yes, kids will love this!

  3. Great idea, Kath! Adorable!!! Love God's music that you've got going on here on your blog!!

    Love you, Sis!!



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