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Friday, July 18

Going Home tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day that we have to go home for sure. The 5th wheel will have to go in storage and wait till it cools down. Very hot 103 or so to hot for me. I'm glad cause I just can't wait till I go back and make more books. I have had the DGS for 4 days now and he has been a handful. It is time for him to go home. We call his parents everyday and they miss him so. Kid me not when he is around they are glad that he comes with us. Go figure...

To all the Grandparents out their.....

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  1. Hmmmm..... ya got me feeling a bit guilty now about what I'm planning on doing to MY mom with MY 2 sons.... My husband, 2 daughters, and I are going to Disney World in September and we're LEAVING the younger boys (ages 3 and 1) with my parents!!! WAHAHAHA!!! And it will be for a whole week! Hee hee hee.... good thing my parents live right on the beach full time... she can just throw 'em down on the sand and let 'em loose! (My parents actually are really good with them.... but I'm sure they will be ready to hand them BACK to me too when we come home!)

    Just stopping by again to say thanks for visiting me.... and for leaving such nice comments!

    {{HUGS}} again for ya!


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