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Tuesday, July 22

I have my storefront up & running!!

OMG I'm so glad to be home again. I really love to camp but it is a lot of work. I have been spending two days of washing clothes and unpacking. My Hubie and I have been doing yard work our yards looked like a jungle with weeds. Still have tons to do yet.

I got my storefront up and running. That was a lot of work. Glad that I have it so if you have pay pal it will work out just great for ya. If you don't have one it is free to sign up for one. Here is the link https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_registration-run

Later my friends


  1. Welcome home. I had to smile at your "love to camp - hate the laundry" thinking - I'm the same way. Nice to get away from things, but coming home the laundry seems to be one thing I can't procrastinate about.

    Congrats on your store!

  2. AWW- just popping in to say a thank you! And girl my lips are sealed- LOL!
    We did good and we have over 7 pages of messages to send in a card- how awesome is that!
    I love camping too- but feel you on the hard work- hee hee, and the trips to the loo in the middle of the night if need be- hugh! hahahahaha

    HUGS and thanks so much for the support

  3. Wow Wow and Wow you are just doing great with this....I am hoping to get there someday with it LOL Thanks for adding my place to your blog

    Hugs and I love ya

  4. LOL I just notice you are approving comment hey you gotta do what you have to how did you do that! I may need that in the near future also !

    don't post this LOL

  5. I missed the sale for Jazzy at DSO, but I did leave a comment on her blogsite.
    Congrats on your storefront! I'm happy for ya, Sis!! I'll be putting mine together soon, too.

  6. Welcome home!! Love your blog & your awesome notebooks. Beautiful work! :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!



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