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Wednesday, July 23

I just had to make some changes!

I have been camping so much that I really never really had time to spruce up the place. So tonight was the night I had to paint the walls and added some color to my place. So little by little I'm getting their. Welcome everyone to my home.


  1. Nice job on sprucing up your place! I wiped my feet on your welcome mat outside just to make sure I didn't track in an ickies LOL

    Now, can I have a muffin and some tea? Pretty please :)

  2. Good to see ya come on in and visit. Thx GF

  3. Wow I really like you new look..I think the black just pops everything ! You are doind a fantastic job. I wish you the best with your storefront

  4. I love what you've done with the place, Sis! Great job!
    Hope it all goes well & you make tons of moolah!
    Luv ya!
    and I'll have some coffee with my muffin, pweeezzze! LOL


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