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Friday, August 29


After two days of quilling I have finished my project. I just have to glue it all together to make on big piece. This one was a little challenging for me there was a lot of coils to make for the leaves and the white sprigs. I would like to think that my hands are pretty small but handling some of these coils was very hard (my hands just were not small enough). LOL This piece is 6 x 6 so it is a little bigger than the last pieced. If you notice that the centers of my coils are large it is because of the slotted tool that I used. I did try the needle tool but it was making me mad and it didn't become fun than...So maybe one day when I get better at quilling than I will learn how to use the needle tool. For now I will have the big holes in the center. Thank you for looking later my friends.



  1. Oh, Kat, it's wonderful! Can't wait to see the background you put it on!!!!
    Great job, Sis!

  2. I like the hole. It gives them their own special look. They are wonderful.

  3. Kathe that looks awesome ! I wish I had your patience....LOL thought your hands were small, can you imagine how it is for me at time hehe

  4. Wow!!! You really do a great job on these itsy bitsy little flowers, Sis! I think you're doing great! And I love the holes in the flowers.....just imagine catching a hummingbird's long beak inside! LOL
    Luv ya!

  5. I really like this one - very beautiful. I love girly colors - with only one daughter and three sons, I like to see such beautiful feminine work.


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