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Friday, September 26

Been working very hard !

On my quilling. I wanted to make up some snowflakes for Christmas gifts and they are taking some time to finish. I started working on this snowflake and I still have some work to be done but you will get the idea of what it will look like...Boy O Boy I really don't think that I will get to many done unless I do something different. So hear goes:

I would like to just add, for all of you girls and gents that quill you are the best cause to get it just right is a talent and that is something that I'm learning. Trying to make sure that your coils are the right size is hard for me but i really do enjoy just doing my thing........Bless all of you quillers out their...
Thank you so very much for looking and I hope you enjoy....


  1. WOW!! Gorgeous!! I love seeing your quilling, the details amaze me. Love, love the snowflake. You have done a fabulous job.


  2. Kathe, I love this! You definitely excel at everything you do. I cannot wait to see your Etsy store (I am opening mine November 1st.)

    But I cannot get to it from the link posted! I'll do some searching around Etsy and see if I can find it via your name.

    Meanwhile, keep on quilling your beautiful designs!



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