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Saturday, September 13

MIA for a week:

My Mom is going to have cataract surgery next Tuesday... (ouch) I will spend the week with my mom to help her to get along... We really are very nervous about it but I will have to try to be strong for her, I have lifted her up to the Lord that his will be done.... My mom is so funny cause she called to day and she said that she has to have a chest X-ray for the anesthetist I said will your not going to be put under, and she said no I'm just going to have a little happy hour for 8 Min's. Bawhahahaha that is what I woke up to this morning...

I’m going to take my quilling I should be able to get loads done this week…

Have a wonderful week filled with happiness and joy……


  1. I will keep your mom in my prayers for excellent results & a speedy recovery. :o) Sounds like she has a fun sense of humor. LOL!!

    Take care...hugs,

  2. Hugz and prayers for your mom.Enjoy your time with her.


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