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Thursday, October 30

A Coffin Box!

I can not believe how long it has been since I have posted. I haven't been doing any crafting these days. BoooHooo I have been really busy canning up some jam's, veggies, apple sauce and so many other things. I love to can when things are in season I was taught that when I was a kid and I have been doing every once in a while...

I did do up a Coffin Box for our DGS for Halloween I sure hope that you will enjoy it. I just used white card stock paper with Distress Inked. I did get the template from Lori's Paper Crafts that was shared on PC Crafters.com. Going to pass it on to you, Thanks Lori.

Don't forget to leave some luv's, have fun with the Coffin Box!

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  1. What a cute coffin! Thanks for template link because I love Halloween and just have to take a few minutes and make one of these.

  2. that is so cute Kat great job and I would love to know how to can things !

  3. I love it, Kathe! The larger pic looks like a real wooden box :)



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