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Wednesday, November 5

A new dog in our house;

Some of you may know that we went an adopted a new dog, not a puppy a 2 to 3 year old. He is about the same age as Scarlett and the same size, will I could go on with all of the stories but I will keep it short. Scarlett has now excepted that Cole is going to stay and they get along pretty good, they do have their moments but over all they are buds. Scarlett is very hipper and she needed some one to help her to calm down and Cole is the one for that job. I have been really busy trying to make sure Scarlett is a lady around him, she is the hunter and the protector so with Cole around she is starting to be more like a lady she is learning how to share more. I am so very excited that we have the new addition in our family.

Here is Cole:

This is Scarlett:

The two of them they are the same size:

We went camping this weekend and yes, Cole loves to run he got out of the 5th wheel "O" I don't know how many times. It was a good thing we stayed for 3 days I was glad to come home. I'm so getting to old to run after a dog that has more energy then me. For now we are back home.

I can not believe that we have only 50 days left tell Christmas and I'm not ready for it at all. I'm going to have to start working on Christmas a bit more before it is hear. I live in Southern California and we do not have the seasons like most of the nation, but I'm really loving this cooler weather we are having, the crisp mornings and nights love it. I'm also looking forward for Thanksgiving I love to cook so I'm very sad because this year it will be at my Brothers house with his family and I will not be cooking. I love the winter holidays cause we get together with our best of friends very little family. Christmas I will have it at my house and yes I get to cook till my heart is content, we will have our very close friends again to thank the Lord for this year and to bless us for the next year....

Thank you for your time and your visit, have a wonderful day.


  1. OMGSH look at those cute fur-babies! The new addition looks so sweet. Congrats.

  2. Awwww! Your fur babies are soooo cute!
    ((hugs)) Mechelle


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