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Tuesday, December 23

It's all most here!


We have been so very blessed no Hubie doesn't have a job yet but I have found so many things to be happy about. Our youngest son and his wife came over yesterday to spend some time with us. This is a miracle because the DIL really doesn't have much to do with us at all. (don't know why) Anywho, we got to see our little DGD open the two presents that we got her. We got her one of those WaterBabies and she just loved it, we also got her a outfit. We were so blessed to go to Target and got her outfit that was on Clarence what a deal. "O" if that is not enough the oldest and his family are doing to come over for a Christmas Supper along with some really close friends. Yes, the very great Lord that we have answered my prayer this year to have the grand babies come home for Christmas.

I have been spending all week cooking, baking and wrapping all of the gifts that I have made with the quilling that I have been doing. Yup those framed quilling projects were Christmas gifts to our close family. You can look on my blog to check them out! I would like to thank my good friend Molly for teaching me how to quill, O yeah and all of the great support from the quilling girls at PC Crafter.com please come and check us out at the Hugclub Chat forum.

So with very little money we were able to get a few gifts and have a wonderful Christmas supper. I would like to Thank all of my wonderful friends that have been praying for us because I sure do feel your prayers he is also answering your prayers. I'm so very blessed to have the most wonderful friends in blogland and from some of the boards that I go to.

Happy Holidays from
my house to yours.


  1. So happy that you're finding the GOOD in your situation, Sis! I pray that Bear finds work soon & that you get to enjoy every moment with your family.
    Have a merry Christmas!
    Love you!!

  2. Merry Christmas! Enjoy family and friends this holiday season. Stay warm and drive safe.

  3. It's so wonderful to see how very blessed you are to have your grandbabies there for Christmas. Family is what is really important. The other things are just "stuff". I know the Lord has great plans for Bear & has a job already picked out for him........He will lead him to it at just the "right" time.
    Still praying for you, Sis!
    Love you & have a blessed & joyful Christmas!


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