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Saturday, January 3

Out Camping!

I sure do hope that you all had a wonderful New Years? We are camping and I have been quilling because it has been so cold. O.K. we don't have the snow and the ice but we are use to 100 or higher temps so this is cold to us.....I'm staying inside because quilling is really easy for me to take when we camp....


I sure hope that you like it and if you have any comments just post on the Cbox....Huge Hugs


  1. Wow Kat you have been busy and they are all sure pretty ! Glad you are having fun and yes I agree it has been cold, I am so looking forward to summer LOL ! I sure miss seeing you on the boards
    Hugs to ya

  2. Great job on all of those flowers, Kat! Glad you found something to keep your little hands busy these days. Hope it's all going well for you & Bear!
    Luv ya & miss ya!

  3. Love love them all, but especially the daffodil. Hope you had a good holiday.


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