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Tuesday, May 19

I have been making changes,

I have been working on expanding on my Blog because I need more elbow room (can you see me using my elbows?). I have been wanting to start a business and I (with my Hubie's help)have decided on going with The Angel Company. I'm so very happy to work under Nora one of my best buds, Thanks GF. So as you can imagine I need the room to share everything with you all.....

So little by little I will be adding more and more surprises on my blog. I sure hope that you will follow me with this new venture? I'm very excited about it all, and I just can't wait to see what each month will bring with the TAC. So if you like to stamp like I do lets get going girls.....and party!!!!


  1. Oh your blog does look different today!!
    I signed in on your guest book the other day but it is not there.
    Oh what is it you are going to do!!
    I see you sell something too. I tried clicking on your catalog but could not pull anything up.
    FUN BLOG!!! Like the new stuff, Kathe!

  2. I love TAC. One of my oldest and dearest friends got me into using their stamps. They have the cutests stamps and great papers. Good luck with your venture.

  3. Congrats!! Your blog is looking great & I'm sure your new venture will be fun & rewarding! Have FUN! Terri

  4. Looks awesome, Sis! I've been re-arranging furniture over at my "house" too! *LOL*

    So glad to have you as part of The Divine Design Team for The Angel Company. You're gonna be great!

    Love ya oodles!

  5. Your blog is looking great! I would love to try and help you with your header...what template are you using?


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