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Wednesday, May 20

PUFF gone........

I have been working on the blog all of last night and again most of this afternoon. I was making some changes and guess what! PUFF everything gone. What, no grrrrrr
So I will be working most of tonight on putting everything back on GOOD GRIEF you just have to love life right!


  1. What a shame. Hope it goes smoother this time.

  2. Sorry you lost everything, but I love the new header. Very pretty.

  3. It looks beautiful! I have lost mine before though and no fun. I took the top dash thing off and lost it the other day. Playing with that html can really mess things up. I think you blog looks beautiful.

  4. I feel your pain....it has happened to me several times as well~all part of the learning process. May I suggest you create another blog only have this one as a test blog? Make all your adjustments and changes then transfer them over? Might save you some headaches later on :)


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