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Wednesday, June 3

My Mom can drive~~~~~~~~~

I had to spend the night with my Mom last night because her Dr.'s appointment was so darn early but the Dr. said the most amazing words, all restrictions are lifted. I said all even driving and he said yes. That was the most amazing news yet, so she can do the running around that she needs to do. Yes.......... Oh, and he said that everything is great and her hole is gone. So now she just has to wait until her vision starts to come back and that is the part that will take up to a year. I would like to thank you all for your prayers because the Nurse said that everything has been healing really faster then normal will that doesn’t shock me because of all of the prayers and I believe in miracles. You all are the best ever! THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH.

Now, I have to say on with the crafts and get this show on the road what do you all say. I just can't wait.


  1. Oh that's just awesome news, Sis! WooHoo! What a great praise report! We're all rejoicing with you! Praise the Lord!

    Luv ya!

  2. HI Kathe!!! I am happy for you that things are improving. You are so sweet!!!

  3. What great news! So glad to hear things getting better!! :)

  4. That is great news Kath. Isn't God good? Hugs to you..

  5. Stopped by to see how your mom is doing. What wonderful news!Your mom is lucky to have you for a daughter. Continued prayers for her site.

  6. this is just the most wonderful news!! (for you and your dear mom). Happy dance!!!


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