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Tuesday, July 28

For some of you

that are probably wondering what happen to my blog? Well, I hit the wrong button. yup gone everything. Oh well, I'm going to have to start all over again on building the blog back up again. I just never learn always messing around. LOL

So, please be patience with me OK. I will try to get it up and running as soon as I can.....Thanks for your understanding. Kat


  1. OH I am so sorry. I have had that happen before. Not fun. WEll look. I am your first poster!! Keep your chin up!!

  2. Oh no!! How awful for you. Good luck with trying to get things going again. At least we are all still here. LOL

  3. Oh my!!!I feel so bad for you you really had a nice looking blog going. Warn me what button not to push!
    good luck

  4. That's a bummer. I'm sure you will get up and running again just the way you like it. Sorry this happened. That is why I am so afraid to hit anything.

  5. Oh I am so sorry about that!
    I am always afraid it might happen to me too someday.
    I wish you Good Luck for your new start over.
    You haven't lost your blog friends though .. that's one good thing!

  6. Oh damn! I'm so sorry gf. I've done that before and it truly bites.

  7. Oh my, that stinks.....but I have to say it sounds like something I would do.

  8. Holy smokes!! I'm so sorry about that!! I did that once a few years ago messing around...needless to say, I stay clear away from that area!! TEE!! :) Hope it works out soon for you!! BIG HUGS

  9. What button did you push Kath? Hopein you get a new button and get your wonderful blog back up soon.

  10. Kath, if you go to your profile you might find some of the info you lost. Just a thought.


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