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Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you be blessed if you have to travel. We are going to my Brothers for Supper and I'm going to take some pies that I made up and some Pumpkin Bread and Candy Coated Pecans. I would like to add that I got this idea from Dee over at Stamping Cuz I Luv 2 so check out her version as well. I just happen to have these little bags and thought they would look pretty good with a topper.
the graphics are from PC Crafters by Laurie Furnell called Autumn Days
I would like to mention that I could only make up a couple of bags because I eat most of the pecans and this is what I had left. LOL LOL

The Pumpkin Bread I make up ever year along with the pies, because I just love getting a fresh pumpkin and then I cook up the meat and can it up for breads and pies for later. It is a good thing because I heard on the News that Libby's Can Pumpkin is really hard to come by these days.

I have to get going to have a great day and see ya later♥


  1. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, Sis! I wish I had cooked up some pumpkin..........I was going to make pumpkin soft cookies but couldn't find the canned pumpkin anywhere! Oh well............
    Take care.....
    Huggies ~
    Sharron ♥

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Have a great time during the holidays. Take care :)

  3. I love how your bags turned out so adorable! Trying to catch up on my blog hopping!Happy Holidays!


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