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Tuesday, December 15

It is Tuesday the 15th

OK, I couldn't take it so I opened up a couple of the cards for ya to see.......yeah :)

And we only have 10 days till Christmas. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! and AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I just got my Christmas Cards done and do you know what I did, I signed them and addressed the envelope and sealed them and they all all ready to go to the PO and guess what, I didn't take one picture of any of them. I know I'm so sorry♥ I can say that I did stamp up a lot of TAC stamp images and I had my DGS over for the weekend and he really wanted to color them in. So he picked out the image that he really liked and he colored his little heart out. After he went home I thought that they would make up some really cute cards so I made up some simple cards for everyone to see his wonderful coloring. Now, let me try to set the picture on how he went about coloring them. I gave him a set of 36 pencils that are numbered and when he colored the images he uses the number system and not really the color wheel system. So, to much of my surprise the colors that he chose were not Christmas colors at all. The image that he chose was a Christmas sock from TAC called (Christmas Doodles T-3189) and it was filled with array of interesting colors. But I did love the idea of it all so then I had to build around the different colored socks that he colored, and let me tell you that is where the challenge began. For the colors that he grouped together were not colors that you would find in printed paper at all or even Christmas paper. I must say that they did come together and I love everyone of the cards that I will sent out that he colored for me. I only had 12 socks so some of you might not get some of his art work, and some will get 6 cards that I made up using a different stamp from TAC, and some will get New Years Cards. No matter what card you get rest a sure that it was made with tender loving care!♥

Keep an eye out because I will be giving away a Christmas gift for ya to have a chance to win on Christmas Day♥

See ya soon, and have a wonderful day! God Bless U


  1. Hi sweetie!! These sure are gorgeous creations!! :) Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend!! HUGS

  2. What a gorgeous blog! Leaving some love and hugs for a wonderful christmas and new year! {hugs} Aquarius

  3. Hey, Lady! I think it's great that your little man decorated...he did a fantastic job! I've been mostly non-traditional in coloring Christmas cards myself this year.
    Good to see you here!

  4. omgsh those are super cute! I love stockings... usually because they contain a bit of choccies, a small gift and a xmas orange - ahhhh holiday memories!

  5. How great that you let him put an extra little bit of love into the cards. They are great. I love to see variation of a project. But best of all, you built a memory. Happy Holidays to you.

  6. The stocking is so cute and he did such a wonderful job on coloring them. Im sure who ever receives this card is going to love it.
    Merry Christmas :)

  7. He did a wonderful job Kath, I am not surprised you are so proud of him, great job on finishing the cards as well.
    Merry Christmas from the UK!
    big hugs


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