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Thursday, January 21

Are you ready for Valentine Cards? I am!

I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to come up with the lace that I have tried to dye. I wanted to show you this card with the red lace that I dyed, I did have some problems with it. It seemed to take several attempts to achieve the color that I wanted and then I came across some bad weather which didn't help on the drying time. I will try when the weather gets better just so it will not take so long to dry but in the meantime this is a simple of what is to come....

On this card the lace was very white and I had to use pure dye on it to get the red that I wanted and even then I could of had it a little deeper red but this dye was not going to achieve it at all. How, ever it is close enough for this card, what do you all think?

This one was just pure fun and did I ever enjoy putting it all together!

I know that the pictures are not up to power but I think that you can get the idea. I will have to get the list of supplies for ya later. Off hand I think of them all! LOL

See Ya Soon♥

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  1. I love the pink heart card. It is just too cute for words.


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