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Monday, February 8

I got them Valentine Pictures

Boy, what a chore, gosh I have know idea what happen to my camera but these are the best pictures that I can get. I know that I'm going to be needing a new camera this one only works really good when the lighting is just right. Maybe my shutter is getting a little tired?

The first one has a bit of a glare but that is the best I can get with the foil paper that I used. I would like to mention that I used some of my PC Crafters graphic's (just click on the link to go their).
The Pig and the Frog are from the collection Celebrate All Year by Shelly Comisky, and the Owls from the collection My Funny Valentine 2 by Laurie Furnell. I have a pretty huge collection of graphics from PC Crafters and I still love using them.

So there you have it and I have a few more to make up (hope to get them done in time) and when I do I will post for ya. I sure hope that you enjoy them?
See ya later♥ and thank you for your comments.


  1. Oh wow!! These are really fabulous creations Kathe!! Love them all!! TFS! HUGS

  2. I just happened to come across your blog and I wanted to say that you are very creative. I love yout designs for your valentine's day cards. They are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Love all the Valetine's you made! Wow you have been busy!!! Beautiful cards! TFS

  4. These are all gorgeous! Love all the different designs.

    I am trying to figure out how to reach you. I am filling in for Vicki at Sat. Spotlight since her computer is down. I wanted to let you know who the winner of that gorgeous stamp set is from this past week. If you click on to my blog page, my email is listed on my profile page.

    Have a great weekend! Chris


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