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Wednesday, February 24

Something to pass out and something to share!

I received this award from Christina over at Christina's Creative Corner
some time ago (please forgive me Christina for taking so long to post).
Anyway, I have so many followers and I can not just pick six so this is what I think I will do.......if you follow me and do not have this
award then please help yourself to it and post it on your blog with a link to mine blog. That is all that you have to do♥
Thank you Christina for thinking of me and giving me this award.

Now, something to share. I was out and about the other day visiting some of your blogs and I came across Katherine's blog Countless Joy
and I saw this cute little card and I just have to share it
Now how cute is this not only is this card cute but her whole blog is gorgeous and her cross-stitching is beautiful. Please take the time to pop on over to visit her blog and please don't forget to share some luv's!

Wow, can you believe that I have posted 2 days straight! I'm on a roll.....LOL
There you have it some to take and something to share.
I hope to see you all soon and thanks for the visit, have a wonderful day♥


  1. Oh my goodness Kat, this is just gorgeous!! I love the pretty colors and what a fun shaped card!! :)


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