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Tuesday, February 23

~*~A Suprise Birthday Gift~*~

Yesterday I had to go to the Dentist (Yup, I was jumping up and down with excitement to go)but I cracked a tooth in the back around last Aug or Sept. and I though it would be best to get it fixed before I started to have some problems. Funny because I didn't have any problems with it until I went to the Dentist and he went a pocking around and told me that I would need a crown. Smiley from millan.net I'm so happy to see the one person that I just love to see the most out of all the Doctors that I know! How many people do you know that love the Dentist? I don't know any..... Anyway, while I was getting my paper work all ready I pointed out to the Guy that made my appointment that he had dated it 2/22/80 made me chuckle for a bit. So I showed it to him and he said that was his birth date! So he went and was showing some of the girls what he had done by putting his B-day on my appointment card and everyone was laughing at what he had done. So I had my dental work done and then I came home to work up this little box and filled it with chocolates♥ It is nothing to fancy but I think that it was the thought that counts....

Paper was from my paper stash, Stamp from TAC Fun Frogs, I used Copics to color.

Thank you so much for coming over to visit hope to see you soon ♥Kat♥

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  1. Oh my Kat!! This is just adorable!! I love the project and the pretty colors!! ;) HUGS


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