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Friday, May 21

New Cards

Good Day to you all! I got some cards made up and sorry about the pictures you know me, not so good with the camera. LOL
(just click on picture to enlarge, and
I did block out the wording)

Anyway, I'm going to be out of the country for a few days so I will be back after May. So you all have a wonderful Holiday and be safe.
God Bless you and see U when I get back♥


  1. I am loving those card I have yet to make one like that but I think you have just got my mojo going to try one ! I miss you lots and think of you often hopefully I can see you this summer again.

  2. I agree with Charlene, I haven't made one either. But you inspire me Kath, they are very cute.

  3. Oops forgot to wish you a Happy B-day!


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