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Wednesday, June 2

Good Morning 2 ya'll

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I had to block out the faces SORRY

Well I'm black from Mexico and I must say my husband and I had a wonderful time! It was hot but we made it through just fine, my Hubie and I took some pictures of the Mothers and their kids so they would have a portrait to remember their time at the Missionary Home. I pray every day that God will continue to bless this Church and there fine work they do with these woman and their kids. The women are there because their husbands are in prison for some reason, and they don’t get any support from the prison to help take care of their families while they are in prison. Calvary Chapel Mexicali has stepped in to help these women out.

These women are being so blessed and learning so much, they are being taught how to read and speak English and learning math; pretty much everything they will need to get out on their own one day. Their children are being home schooled and you can see in their eyes they are very happy.

Our mission this trip was to teach the woman some crafts and they had the day off from their children. These women were so happy to make something for themselves; they made a canvas bag and a fleece blanket. The men of the group had to babysit the children and I must say they did a really great job of it; they had water balloon fights and did some crafts for the kids as well. This is when my Hubie and I did the portraits and framed them. All and all were very blessed with time and not having to much trouble with the crafts and the pictures all and all it fit together like a puzzle. Thank you my Lord!

Monday we went to our Sons house that he just moved into and had a barbecue and that was the icing on the cake for our Memorial Weekend. I think that this has been the best Memorial weekend we have had in a very long time. I sure hope that your weekend was filled with happiness and joy! I hope later on today I can get out and about to visit some of my blogger friends, so keep a look out



  1. What a blessing it is for you to go down there and help these ladies and their kids out. A lasting memory for sure. :)

  2. Kat how awesome you got to do this ! I am so happy for you !

  3. Welcome back! Very nice of you to do what you did, and I'm so glad you and the hubby enjoyed yourselves.

  4. What a wonderful gesture !
    God Bless you and all those helping these families.


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