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Wednesday, August 4

All Boy

The other day I posted a girls card well she has a brother as well, and I just finished his up. Boys cards are the most challenging because there is not
much out there as far as embellishments go.
I did happen to find these for this card, I also would like to mention that in the girls card and his I layered the graphics to give it some depth. (We all know that I can't take pictures very well, so I know when to stop when I get a good Pic) hehehe I sure hope that he likes it and cheeres him up some. Anyways, I was wondering what you all thought of it?

Have a wonderful day and may The Lord Jesus bless you today♥


  1. I think it is outstanding! Very cute card!!! He really does look like he's 100% boy!!! Well done, my friend! Like your music too! Hugs...

  2. Kath I think you do wonders with cards. This one is soooo cute, I'm sure the little boy will love it.

  3. Hi Kath, I've been a bad blogger friend lately. Thanks for coming by my blog. Love the cards you are making. :)Hugs Bridget


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