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Thursday, October 9

Saying Hi to everyone!

OM-Gosh I have been really busy. What is wrong with us now days it sure seems like when ya talk to people and you ask what have you been up to it is the same thing I've been busy. Why is our world so busy, what are we busy with that consumes our lives so much? I don't know but I sure could use a vacation for a spell. Anywho, we just got back from camping and yes I got some quilling done I will have to post a picture later cause the batteries are dead. "O" yes and I did manage to get some books covered and yes I will post those pictures later as well.

For some of you that have been waiting to see what I will be adding to my store, I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to put the product in...As I was saying it is that BUSY THING again. I do promise that I will be working on it soon...

O.K. till next time be filled with lots of happiness and joy! yes, yes I will add the pictures for ya...LOLOLOL

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  1. Hey Kathe!

    I've missed talking to everyone too. Hope to get on the pcMB all next week for a look and posting a few new things.

    I know so many are busy, but I'm glad we are staying in touch via blogging though :) See you soon! HUGS


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