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Friday, January 30


For all off you that love to quill check out this blog it is amazing at what you could make with a strip of paper...I love to quill myself it just seems that I don't take the time out in the day to sit down and make things. The last time we went camping I did do up some things for you all to see.

Photobucket Quilled Roses Bee; Frog and Duck Butterfly & Daisy lession

Will darn I will have to see if I can resize these pictures for y'all to look at!

I might have to ask some of my blog friends for some help on this....... HELP PLEASE


  1. Hi, I'd like to invite you to visit my blog www.quillingwithwhimsiquills.blogspot.com and my web site www.Whimsiquills.com for lots of ideas, free patterns and quilling reference materials. Be sure to visit the picture gallery too. Have fun, enjoy quilling!
    Pat Caputo

  2. Hello there Blue. Thank you for your kind remarks and for becoming a follower of my blog. Since you confess to being an addict, I think that makes me an enabler. Just the same, I am honored that you care to nose around my corner of the web.

    Stay Tooned,


  3. Hiya Kat. Love the quilling!! Glad you stopped by my blog, it sure was great hearing from you again. Hope all has been going well for you. We had a great Christmas, but am just now getting back into the swing of things again. Missed ya GF. Take care,


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