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Monday, February 2

Check out Blog-aholic.....

Blogging Addiction
Some- times I draw these doodles with someone like you in mind. But you wouldn't ignore the needs of your own children just so that you could get some more blogging time in. Or would you? Maybe it's time that you "fess" up, come out of your blogging addiction closest, and Copy & Share If You Dare this little doodle.

Go ahead. Start out by saying, "Hello. My name is _________, and I'm a blog-aholic..."

I went over to visit one of my favorite blogger friends Andrea and she went to Ricks blog and I just have to post this as well because I love it. I admire people that can just doodle and have beautiful works of art, and if you dare and want to share let rick know that you did. Thanks Rick I love to look at your artwork and I will be happy to post it ....


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  2. What a hoot that cartoon is, Sis!


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